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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Write Club! Volume 2, Episode 5: "We Are Write Club (And So Are You)"

Tim & Kurt talk about what's happening in the comics world, the recent Bergen Street Comics Parties for the "Act-i-Vate Primer" Print Anthology, Comixology's "Box 13" & Zuda Comics' "High Moon." Kurt catches us up on Secret Invasion, and on mobile comics-- specifically Comixology, while Tim muses on about his favorite horn-headed superhero. Oh, and clones...yes, clones.

Also, those of you in the NY area, come on down to XR Bar at 128 West Houston Street for the Labor Days Vol. 2 & Salt Water Taffy Vol. 3 book launch party THIS Friday the 30th!

Details Here: DETAILS!

HUGE thanks to Ten Ton member Scott St. Pierre for composing and recording our NEW original theme song. Scott, you may now proceed directly to heaven.

Intro & Outro: "Write Club Theme" Scott St. Pierre

MAXIMUM Clonage!

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  1. So to anyone that wants to read my more indepth Secret Invasion review/recap, I've changed the Secret Invasion link above to my rundown posted on the TenTonStudios forum.