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Monday, November 2, 2009

Networking the Write Club Way

Being the comics groupie that I am, I couldn't resist attending the book launch for Oni Press' two newest OGN's: Labor Days Vol. 2: "Just Another Damned Day," and Salt Water Taffy Vol. 3: "The Truth about Doctor True" at XR bar on Houston Street in NYC. Okay, it wasn't just comics groupism that brought me out to the wilds of downtown Manhattan Island, (super talented artist) girlfriend in tow; I'm also good friends with the Two Dudes of Labor Days Tower, Phil Gelatt and Rick Lacy, and I'm a big fan of alcohol. Also I've been getting to know the astoundingly talented creator of Salt Water Taffy, Matt Loux. So, all in all a great opportunity to hang out with some talented folks, get my drink on and to represent the Write Club!

All in all it was a pretty quiet event; scheduling being what it is a few people weren't able to meet up, including the Labor Days word-wizard himself: Phil Gelatt. This isn't to say that the room wasn't packed with cool people, nonsense. We met up with Mike Zagari, Art Director for DC Comics Online and co-organizer of Brooklyn's King Con Convention; and Artist and illustrator, Lisa Lavoie. There was also a smattering of actresses, computer programmers, web designers, psychics, artists, filmmakers, several Odins (with a good number of working eyes, no less than a murder of crows, a multitude of sons and a horse with a shit-load of legs-- don't ask), Dr. Mario, and dedicated fans-- all of which had the opportunity to buy a book (which sold well), get a sketch from Matt or Rick and most likely have a Write Club business card shoved in their hand or pocket.

And here's the greater point; these types of events are always a good place to hang out, chat, have a drink and get to know other people in the industry. They are invaluable networking tools for people who are most likely working freelance, or a day job outside of their desired field. Just the simple act of being seen, showing your face, saying hello is incredibly important and effective.

At the end of the night Write Club has hopefully gained a few new readers/listeners, has booked Matt Loux for an interview during Brooklyn's King Con on November 8th, and proved the old addage to be true: You DON'T have to take your clothes off to have a good time.

Write Club.

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  1. Yay for Networking. I may do a post about Networking with Social Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

    The booze helps.