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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Comic Reviews: Week of Jan 13th


Amazing Spider-Man #617:

“The Gauntlet” story continues, this time with Rhino. There’s a nice twist in this issue, one that I didn’t see coming. Joe Kelly’s dialogue can be a bit flat at times and a little too clever at others, but he’s written a solid story with a “man behind the mask” type theme. Plus, the Rhino gets what I think is a much needed upgrade, and I look forward to seeing how he’ll appear in later stories. Plus, it’s pretty evident that the Amazing Spider-Man writers are building to something big. Next up: Mysterio. I’m looking forward to seeing this one play out.


Adventure Comics #6:

I already love Geoff Johns, so I knew before I read this issue that I was going to enjoy it. Johns has a great handle on villains (as seen in his take on the Flash Rogues Gallery during the “Final Crisis” run). For the entire arc, he’s been pitting Connor Kent, aka Superboy, against his “father,” Lex Luthor. In this issue, Luthor uses Connor to achieve something great. Then, in a pretty horrific move, he takes away the gift he’s given. His reasoning? “Because I’m Lex Luthor, and I can.” It’s pretty chilling. Also, going back to Johns’ run on Action Comics, he re-imagined Braniac as a cold, heartless alien whose only value in life is knowledge. That Braniac appears in this issue too, albeit at the end, but the conclusion opens the door to a much more interesting story. My only problem is that now, Johns is handing over the writing reigns to Tony Bedard and, eventually, James Robinson. So it looks like this will be the last issue of Adventure Comics I ever read, which is unfortunate because the story was a blast, and I loved Francis Manapul’s art. Alas!

Batman: The Widening Gyre #4: I don’t enjoy seeing Batman’s “girlfriend” hanging out in the batcave, wearing his Batman shirt like it’s a football jersey. In addition, I’m always frustrated by comic covers that hint at something that never occurs. But, I trust Kevin Smith has a plan, and all will be revealed eventually. I was also introduced to Crazy Quilt, an oddball villain with the ability to distort people using colors. So, it’s evident that Smith knows his Batman history. What’s not evident is the purpose of the “The Widening Gyre.” At least, not yet.


Weekly World News Comics #1:

I picked this up because Bat Boy was on the cover. It’s the story of Ed Anger, a stereotype of the conservative male in America, one who hates liberals, Democrats and foreigners. The actual title is the “Irredemption of Ed Anger.” This was a cover pick. I loved seeing Bat Boy on the cover of the comic as I remembered my introduction to Bat Boy was through my cousin Tim, the moderator of this website, who had a cover of the Weekly World News tacked on his wall. On it was the original picture of Bat Boy with the exclamation, “Bat Boy Found In Cave!” So, when I saw him appearing in comics, I had to buy it. In this comic, Aliens, an Ape with a PhD., and a guy with anger issues all work together in a weird, not futuristic but odd take on humanity. The Alien keeps referencing some apocalyptic disaster, so I may have to see this series through. Plus, I’d definitely read a comic where the Bat Boy appears as a superhero. One more note -- he swears in the president and dances with his wife. Worth the buy? Not really. Worth a look? Definitely. Sneak a peek at your local shop.

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