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Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Top 5 Favorite Feminists in Comics

by Josh Jenkins

Kate Corrigan

Powers: Wrote sixteen books on folklore and occult history (not a super power? Let’s see you do it.)
Why I love her: One of my favorite moments in comics involves Kate and her first encounter with a ghost in “The Wolves of St. August.” She doesn’t freak out or run away, she starts balling. So educated on the supernatural she can view ghosts for what they really are: a representation of human tragedy. She is by no means a shrinking violet bookworm; she also outwits an ageless marquis hell-bent on trading her for a homunculus.
Greatest Hits: “The Wolves of August,” “The Universal Machine”

Power Girl

Powers: Nigh Invulnerable, Flight, Super-strength, Very distracting.
Why I love her: The jokes practically write themselves and yet, they don’t. It annoys me to no end when a character is bogged down with all of the “Earth: who gives a rat’s ass” minutia. It isn’t her difficulties that make her interesting, it’s her ability to deflect the way she’s treated by looking the way she looks.
Greatest Hits: “Power Girl: A New Beginning”


Powers: Melting the heart of one of the coldest meanest misogynists in comics (Not me, Cerebus).
Why I love her: “How do you write women so well? I think of a man and I take away reason and accountability,” Dave Sim is most noted for being a self-proclaimed misogynist, which befuddles me considering the way he writes this character. I have never bought into the idea that dancing naked for money is feminism. I find the idea completely absurd and offensive, however in Jaka’s case I make an exception. She loves to dance; it is her art form, and she takes great pride in it in the way of monetary value. It’s easy to armchair quarterback and say you’d never exploit your art for money, but if Marvel asked, I’d write the shit out of a Power Pack story quicker than you can say “Snarks and Carmody”
Greatest Hits: “Cerebus Vol. 5: Jaka’s Story”

Jen Walters

Why I love her: Here’s an equation I hope you can follow; I hate She-hulk, She-hulk hates Jen Walters, so I love Jen Walters. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a super-hero more embarrassed by their alter ego. Imagine if you had a version of you that was infinitely stronger, more exotically beautiful, and way more famous than the “real” you will ever be. Would you ever go back to being the real you? How would you ever know if people really liked the real you? Imagine how hard that is. It’s a perplexing dichotomy that’s worth exploring. All I know is, I love ya Jen, hope you get on a cover one day.
Greatest Hits: “She-Hulk Vol 1. Single Green Female”

Mina Murray

Powers: Monster Wrangling
Why I love her: Ya know what’s uninteresting in Hollywood? A woman with no superhuman abilities that can keep rapists, murders, terrorists, and opium addicts in line. Ya know what Hollywood loves? Sexy Vampires! Fuck You everyone involved with the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen movie! Sorry, I have to pull my bloody fist out of 6-inches of drywall to finish this article. Alan Moore has always written strong women well, and I think Mina is my favorite (no offense Evey). I love her for all the reasons mentioned above, AND she helped take down Dracula for god sake!
Greatest Hits: “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Vol. 1 and 2”

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