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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sub*Text Saturdays

Welcome to Sub*Text Saturdays, where I abduct your mind for a short trip through the alternative awesome of the internet with some Pics, Flicks, Vids & Lit. You may just be rolling out of bed ready to wake'n'bake, or maybe charging your cell while waiting for your friends to swing by before you hit the pub, or perhaps you've just come home from last call, stumbling & mumbling but somehow able to pop open your laptop.

No matter the state of your consciousness...enjoy the Alt.Ent that is Sub*Text.



From Another Very Long Year by Stu Horvath

You could go buy/rent Ninja Assasin which came out this past week, or you could watch a GOOD ninja movie:

Scott Adkins keeps it real, he keeps it simple, he keeps it real simple in...



Neon Trees - Animal
This song is good, the video is great.

Thanks to Boston Scott for the heads up.


SHAMANSPACE by Steve Aylett

What if god were found to exist? What if revenge were possible? Competing groups of occult assassins race to exterminate the creator, with young gun Alix the favorite. But conflict among the Edgemen sends Alix in pursuit of renegade shaman Quinas and a psychic splinter group. Waging multidimensional war, the edgemen travel through sidespace to confront at last the source of evil and hit back at a toxic universe even at the risk of ending it.

Dense language that pokes at your brain and demands attention, poetic babbling and grand posturing, with overly ambitious metaphysical ideals.
A novella worth tracking down, a writer that bears further investigation.

Introduction by Grant Morrison


  1. Anything with Michael Moorcock's stamp of approval is worth a look...I mean, just look at Hawkwind!