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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sub*Text Saturdays


This will be the comic movie of the year, scratch that, of the decade, of all time. Another great Edgar Wright movie and this time it's of Bryan Lee O'Malley's supergenius graphic novel series, SCOTT PILGRIM.

Watch the trailer above and then watch this dissection of the trailer and all the love that was put in it for the fans.

The final volume of Scott Pilgrim will be out this summer, but for a rap-tastic recap check Adam WarRock's 'I Gotta Believe' and check out the rest of his geek-inspired rap songs.



Love Imperfectly by me
love imperfectly



This guy is my new personal rock hero. Tell me he doesn't rule and isn't totally awesomely insane. And the song rocks.

Roky Erickson - The Creature With the Atom Brain



There is Doom…and then there is the Master of Doom! Eager readers of the World’s Greatest Comic don’t have to wait nine weeks for the fun, frisson and fantastic action of Fantastic Four! The magnificent Marvel team-up of Mark Millar (Wanted) and Bryan Hitch (Ultimates) wind up their epic run with a rip-roaring yarn that pits the First Family against their deadliest archenemy — and the powerful being for whom even Doom will bow! Are you ready to meet the Master of Doom?

I haven't read Fantastic Four in a long time, but as I catch up on all things Marvel, I came across this story arc which is Millar riding out the characters before Hickman picks up the writing chores for the book.

If you like Dr. Doom and feel he hasn't been the threat he really should be, or you like the high concept weirdness that Millar picked up from Grant Morrison, you should read this arc.

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  1. Kurt--good call on Millar's FF run. I've had mixed feelings about some of his recent projects, but this got me reading FF, a title that I'd never been interested in before. How many times can I say that! And Rory Erickson...somebody needs to bio book that guy. Maybe have him fight satan.