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Monday, April 12, 2010

Indie Club. Where Independent Creativity Gets Together.

Hello 'clubbers.

Welcome to Indie Club, the new face of Write Club. Just below the spiffy new logo I designed up above we have new links where you can find all of our podcast episodes, comic reviews, a list of articles and a link to email us just to let us know how much you love us (or to help us tweak the design of the site).

Over there on the right hand side, we have a sidebar that will let you link directly to Write Club on iTunes, to get to our forum at TenTonStudios, our 'Best Of' from our first 2 volumes, the Write Club Funnies archive, Game Club reviews/articles, and our weekend postings Sub*Text Saturdays & This Week in Cool.

Below that you'll find out retweet button and Twitter feed. Hit us up and let us know what you think, or if you'd like to contribute or have something for us to help promote. Write Club is here for you.

Also I'd just like to mention we've got two indie comix friendly events coming up:

Reinhard Kleist's Johnny Cash: I See A Darkness signing at Jim Hanley's Universe on April 14th at 6PM.

Dash Shaw's release party for BodyWorld will be held at Desert Island on Thursday, April 15th, from 7-9PM.

We'll be running full steam ahead after the success of last month's GIRLS CLUB, and having run the gamut of alternative comics that was MoCCA this weekend. Lots of things planned, but there's always room for more if you'd like to write, draw, film, shoot, dance, etc. etc. for us, or you'd like for us to do that for you.

Until tomorrow I leave you with the Daily News' coverage of the top books from MOCCA.