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Friday, June 18, 2010

Greatest DD Image Ever

Shadowland preview image, in which it looks like Daredevil says, "Come on you assholes, I have ninjas now."


  1. I so badly want Shadowland to be good...but I'm getting really worried it's not going to fulfill my "Daredevil is a villian" hopes. Are you going to read this series?

  2. As a DD fan who made it through the San Fran days, the Ren & Stimpy joke cover, and the armor with blades as shoulder pads, I can't wait to see DD knife some suckers.

    He's ALWAYS been a crazy mo-fo. He's a million times more effed up than Sentry was...because he's functional.

  3. Yeah, and Sentry was a bit too transparent (what if Superman was a total nutbar?)

    For all my recent DD misgivings...I have to admit, I'm more excited for Shadowland than I was for Siege (which should've been called Snooze).

  4. Wait... is he holding a jumping rope??

  5. only the most Baddassssss jump rope this side of the Atlantic!