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Monday, June 7, 2010

More GL in the Lamp-Light!

This image is from the same licensing show at which Warner Bros. is unveiling the Green Lantern Movie poster.

Again, thanks SuperHeroHype!

The placement of GL in this shows that WB is really pushing to get the GL brand out there in advance of the movie, so they must have a lot of faith it in. Though, they probably had a lot of faith in the last Superman movie as well.

Green Lantern does looks good up front there.

The placement of some of the other heroes is troubling me though. I mean, Zatanna is on par with Martian Manhunter? A stage magician and a nude green alien?

And Wonder Woman and The Flash are a tier behind them? With Blue Devil basically on the same tier?

Very odd.


  1. "a stage musician and a nude Martian..."

    Sounds like the opening to joke I wish I'd heard once

  2. Jon, the punchline to that joke: "Sorry, Bleepblax, but even I can't make THAT disappear!"

  3. I feel like we're hitting some weird early 80's redo of the DCU. Where massive changes were happening left and right and things got more realistic, and less dynamic, if that makes sense.

    Green Lantern is a great lead for the DCU right now. I just finished the Sinestro War with the lead-in to Blackest Night just before me, and I have to say that since Rebirth to that point, those are some of the best written and drawn superhero comics ever.

    It redefines and expands the Lantern line while paying tribute to the things that made it great before. Now, I'm not a huge GL fan, but I did love Kyle and begrudgingly so, Guy. But with Kilowog back, the weirdness and adventure of the concept, and the new recruits who are lovingly developed, GL & GL Corp are absolutely amazing.

    The Sinestro War got a bit messy, spread across so many books (handful of specials), but it was pretty epic. Really cleaned up the last bit of continuity problems and established the GL Corp as a force, tested them.

    Read GL Corp 18 & 19 for two of the best comics I've ever read. 18 is a superhero battle the likes of which you may not have seen before (outside the Authority) and 19 is just a sweet and defining look at the main characters as they clean up after the war.

    I don't know how the movie will do, but based on the general thumbs up Blackest Night has gotten, Green Lantern will indeed be lighting the way into the future of the DCU.

  4. Btw, Zatanna, Green Arrow, Black Canary, are all having a surge in popularity right now. So says Tumblr posts.