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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Write Club! "Piethos!" V. 3, Ep. 6

Write Club can't always be about comics, right? Right! So in this episode Tim & Kurt take the podcast out into the streets of Brooklyn to cover a Slice Magazine reading event.

The event, coordinated by Slice's resident blog czar and online editor, C.A.B Fredricks was your basic head-to-head reading competition featuring the best and the brightest up & comers of the indie publishing world!

photo courtesy of Amy Sly

PIETHOS! A Reading, works like this: Five independent literary organizations were chosen, each selected a champion, and presented a challenge for an opposing organization. Each reader had about one week to compose a story in answer of their challenge. The prize? A FRESH BAKED APPLE PIE!

The event was held at LEGION bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Listen to the event here:

And now, THE READERS, with visual aids and in order of appearance:

Liz Matthews (Slice Magazine)
photo courtesy of Amy Sly

Liz's story involved some visual aids. To get the whole experience, click on each link as she prompts the picture in her story.

Corey Eastwood (Book Thug Nation)
photo courtesy of Amy Sly

Kate Axelrod (Featherproof Books)
photo courtesy of Amy Sly

Martha Raoli (Canteen Magazine)
photo courtesy of Amy Sly

The Prize:
photo courtesy of Amy Sly

Now Dear Write Clubbers, after listening to the event, who would YOU have chosen to win the nommy pie?

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  1. This was an awesome podcast and an awesome post and I approve this message. MORE EVENTS!