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Friday, May 22, 2009

Warren Ellis Must Die! a Write Club! Manifesto

I'm openly mocking Bendis on Twitter, correcting his spelling mistakes, sarcastically snipping at his grammar. Our inside man is working his way next to Ed Brubaker. Grant Morrison in our sniper rifle scopes, with the Maniacal Alan Moore running the whole puppet show.

The companies skim a little off the top so they can line their pockets post printing costs. The magic warps our minds and we learn things about the future, mankind, and ourselves. An energy blast to the frontal lobe, triggering mass hallucination that prepares the masses for Reality: the Sequel. ®

Our heroes must be stopped. The generation stems the tide of renegade imagination, as a wave of new blood washes up upon the shores of the collective unconcious. We are changing things by changing ourselves. Some are half-aware, some know what's what, then there's us.

Write Club! is for those of you who see beyond what is right here, what's been done. We're aiming to show what is left to be discovered. The imagination, the storytelling, the new way of life, Twenty First Century Humanity reconnecting with Primal Artistry. Write Club! will unite artists with writers with painters with journalists with sculptors with actors with filmmakers, with you.

Participate, congregate, commisserate.

Best of all, let's Propagate. Here's to creating!

Come join us.


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