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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Write Club: Episode 10- “We Need Your Balls!”

Join Tim Mucci and Kurt Christenson as they ramble on about their writing processes—how they write and why— and pretty much anything else that comes to mind; which includes Kurt's Alan Moore impression.

Intro: “1984” David Bowie

Outro: “Stop Talking About Comic Books or I'll Kill You” Ookla The Mok

Links and Such:

We didn't mention them in this episode, but we went there after recording and they just proved how awesome they are, so:

Oh, and Moore and O'Neill's LOEG Century is three parts: 1910, 1968, 2008. Write Club, self correcting since 2009!

I'm just acting tough, Ed Brubaker, you don't really taste like pork rinds.

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