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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Write Club! "King Con Day 2" Pt. 2: Volume 2, Ep. 8

Day two, part two of Write Club at King Con in Brooklyn. All interviews, all the time! Tim & Kurt talk with Nathan Schreiber, Act-i-Vate Comix creator of "Power Out." Nathan and the boys talk motion comics, panel theory, and you'll learn more about women's underwear than you've ever wanted to know.

We also score an interview with Bobby and Peter Timony, that's right the Timony Twins of Zuda Comics fame! We chat with the twins about Zuda and their instant winner "The Night Owls."

Intro: "Polite Dance Song" The Bird and The Bee
Outro: "Write Club Theme" Scott St. Pierre



  1. Just want to make EXTRA sure to express that I have nothing but the utmost respect for amazing cartoonist Jason Lutes! My apologies for pointing to one minor flaw in your book when I should've extolled it's countless virtues!

    Thanks Tim and Kurt for putting everything together!

  2. Ha! Good job, Nathan. I've been hyping Lutes' "Berlin" on the show for a while now.

    We'll just have to invite you on again and you can praise Lutes all you want.