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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Game Club: Power to the Pixels!

Hi All!

Just a small update on the games that are gracing my iPhone (and eating up my time) at the moment.


So I've finally jumped on the Canabalt train, or should I say, jumped out of a window onto a collapsing building, while avoiding falling rockets, train. I'm loving the basic "run as far as you can" gameplay and I'm a HUGE fan of the simple yet cleverly designed look. Major style points awarded! Canabalt has tons of personality wrapped around a very simple play mechanic. I have to admit though, I suck pretty hard at the game so far. I think my top score is only a paltry 3260 meters. I took a look at the best world runs and saw that a fella called Superswede had a distance of 82750 meters. How he accomplished this feat completely boggles my mind. I envision him hooked up to some kind of machine that's funneling gallons of Red Bull into his system while holding his eyelids open similar to Malcom McDowell in "A Clockwork Orange". Oh, yeah, the music in Canabalt is aces too!

Angry Birds:

Slowly making my way back through the levels earning my 3 stars. So far so good. Some of the levels, even though I've beaten them the first time 'round, continue to vex me. They laugh in my face like those little green pigs who stole my eggs. But I'm a patient avian, and I shall continue to squawk "Death From Above!!" as I rain my feathered bodies down upon them! Angry Birds is a great, fun game that I keep coming back to week after week. Think "Boom Blox" with a kamikaze twist:)


Picked up this wicked little puzzle game because I was immediately drawn in by its minimalist design. Deceptively simple yet challenging to the extreme, you drag lines of paper across the screen to capture colored dots. The way to achieve victory from level to level becomes increasingly harder as you unlock each puzzle. I wish all games had this level of challenge mixed with simple, high tier design. If I had one wish though, it would be for music. The addition of some atmospheric background music would just about be the icing on the best birthday cake in the world. And yes, I mean Cookie Puss.

Point and Click Adventures:

It's a great time to be an iphone/ipod touch owner these days. Old school point and click adventures have been making their return on the device like I never could have anticipated. Point and click adventures were my virtual bread and butter when I was a wee tyke, and one of my finest moments as a young gamer was besting "Maniac Mansion" with my Pops. God, what a great game! Currently I've got "Beneath a Steel Sky" and "Broken Sword" on my iPhone and I get nostalgic every time I pop into these unique worlds to play and puzzle solve. All we need now is "The Dig", "Loom", "Fate of Atlantis" and some other old classics to make the journey over and I could die happy. I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of the more modern P&C's, like "A Vampyre Story" or "The Longest Journey" make it there at some point as well. Hell, if they ever give me a portable version of "Another World" I'm going to have to name my first born child "Iphone Apple McGraw".



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