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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How I F@$#ed up

by Joshua Jenkins

I have been told on more than one occasion that I write in my head. Which means that when people read my work they know that it makes sense, just not to them. I think a lot of people who love comics are by nature introverted, and might also write this way. This is why it is imperative that you…

Get an editor!

No, I don’t mean that ass-hat at the con that laughed at your script in a zip-lock bag. You may have a very long way to go before you earn his hallowed and vicious beatings. For my first book I tried to force feed my script down the throats of every one I knew; aunts, uncles, friends, dead relatives. Half came back with some really fluffy comments like, “It was nice” or “I liked that one part” or “You still have a day job, right?” The other half came back with notes but the feedback was all completely different, and I’m sure half of both halves didn't even read it (I don’t blame them).

You know that movie that seemed to have all kinds of potential; good actors, good director, good writer, but was just bland and uninteresting? It was probably gang raped repeatedly by a focus group. Writing by consensus is never wise, you can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t try to. You don’t want the WAL-MART of scripts.

You really only need one person other than yourself; two at the absolute most. I use my good friend Mat Markert, who has what I consider to be the best qualities of an editor.

1. BRUTALITY – So important! You need someone who will pour charcoal down your throat when you’re overdosing. You may not like it at the time but you’ll be alive in the morning.

2. PROPOSALS – You need someone who will suggest good ideas in place of bad ideas. It isn’t enough to say something sucks; a good editor will also give you a way to make it better.

3. GRAMMAR – I am really, really bad about this. Make sure your editor is better than you. I’ve gone over scripts at least 20 times and still miss things, it’s gonna happen.

I didn’t have an editor for my first book and the differences between book one and two are substantial across the board.

Speaking of editors, I really hope Tim and Kurt are editing these, seriously guys my grammar blows.

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