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Friday, April 9, 2010

Girls Club! a look back

Howdy all you 'clubbers out there.

I just want to say welcome if you're new, or thanks for reading if you're a frequent visitor. Write Club had its biggest month ever in March and there's a lot of thanks that need to be passed out for that.

First thanks to Tim Mucci. He's the man behind the podcast plan. I always was blogging, online journaling, etc. but it was his drive to do a podcast that pulled together the decade old idea of Write Club. He spends countless hours editing the audio and also handling half the blog entries including the weekly Comic Reviews.

Which brings me to Jon & Brian who have provided constant weekly comic reviews for us for quite awhile now. They're even starting to get quoted around the internets. Thanks guys! You can read their reviews here: COMIC CLUB REVIEWS!

On the comic review tip, hats off to Max Every who posted his SPX Top 5 Book Highlights for us. All great books and nice interviews with the creators. I highly recommend reading them and checking out the books.

Also thanks to Mike Mooch who's been our resident video game reviewer with GAME CLUB!

Now on to the ladies of Girls Club, without whom we'd just be a bunch of silly boys pretending we knew what it was like being a girl who likes comics.

Our special podcast guest, with our very first phone interview recording, was none other than Nikki Cook, a young female artist on the rise with an issue of DMZ, Marvel's Girl Comics, and a story in Tori Amos' Comic Book Tattoo, among other works. Find out more about her on Write Club Vol. 3 Episode #0! (you can also listen to our past 20 episodes on there as well, or get them free through iTunes.)

First up, Stacey Barlow Hills gives advice to all of you out there who're in a relationship with a Fanboy/Fangirl with LIVING WITH YOUR COMICS FAN. (Our highest tweeted article to date!)

Girls Club really kicked off with the beautiful logo you see above provided by the hysterically talented Lauren Barnett. We met her at King Con last Fall and her mini comics still make me laugh when I read them, so why don't you give her MAKING MINIS article a read and then pick up a copy of Secret Weirdo or I'd Sure Like Some F@*%ing Pancakes. Mini-comics are the new coffee table books after all.

Then Jayme Roxann Wright graced us with her presence and gave us the skinny on BREAKING INTO COMICS AS A FEMALE. Keep your eye on her people, she's got the fire in her to bust this industry wide open.

I met SmartGrrrl aka Michelle Weiner on Tumblr and convinced her to write up a piece talking about her journey from publishing to freelance writing. Check it out the Writer Spotlight on her and hook her up with a gig, she's good people.

And Christina Oppold closes out Girls Club with her article on LEARNING TO LOVE COMICS, with a major shout out to Tom & Amy of Bergen Street Comics.

We also had the mad lunatic Josh Jenkins of the HOW I F@%$ED UP series provide us his TOP 5 FAVORITE FEMINISTS IN COMICS. But more on that madman soon.

As well as the semi-regular Comic Book Calendar which we'll use to keep you up to date on any comic/art/writing events in the NYC/Brooklyn area (Art of Jaime Hernandez at Jim Hanley's today!), I'll also be bring you a weekly dose of weird pics, vids, flicks, and lit in my Sub*Text Saturday posts, and keep an eye out for Sunday's This Week in Cool.

And lastly, be sure to give our Write Club Funnies a read. They're a weekly, completely auto-biographical, account of what goes on behind the scenes to keep Write Club running for you 'clubbers out there.

Tim & I will be running wild at the MoCCA fest this weekend shoving microphones in indie creator faces, asking the hard hitting questions like "where are you drinking after the con?"


Ps- If there's something you'd like to promote, an event you're planning, a movement you're building, please let us know and we shall help spread the word. We're cool like that.

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