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Monday, April 19, 2010

MoCCA Monday: The 3 Coolest Things I Found at the MoCCA Fest

By Jonathan Gelatt

There's no denying that smaller conventions are uniformly better than the media hoopla that is the modern MegaCon. Don't get me wrong; MegaCons great for what they are, exclusive toys and celebs and all, but when it comes to discovering new artists, new comics, and new creators, the small expo is top tits. Such was the case with the MoCCA Fest. As somebody who reads a LOT of mainstream comics, New York's annual MoCCA Art Festival was a breath of fresh air, reminding me that for every played-out superhero book there are at least fifty imaginative creators kicking ass up and down the indie circuit. So to pick up where our fearless leader left off, here are (in no particular order) the three coolest discoveries I made at the MoCCA Art Fest 2010.

Neil Jam

Neil Jam (aka Neil Fitzpatrick) is firstly known for his online comic of the same name, but if you catch him at a convention you have to check out his extensive collection of fictional character portraits. Superheroes, Muppets, movie titans, video game characters--Fitzpatrick draws them all. Not only are these portraits great for a diverse selection of fans, but Fitzpatrick is one nice guy, a real solid dude. It was a tough choice for me, but I ended up grabbing a picture of Ghost Rider for myself and an excellent rendition of Batman-Mario for a friend. Just so you know what I'm talking about, here's a picture of the Neil Jam MoCCA table.

2. The Schizophrenic by Joshua Frankel and Toby Cypress

I picked this book up on the recommendation of my brother, and holy crap, this comic rules. Published by the new Zip Comics, The Schizophrenic is a short, surrealistic one-shot about a mentally disabled everyman/superhero in a future full of crappy fast-food corporations and shotgun-toting roommates. In other words, this was the best 3 bucks I spent all day. If there were a God, he would surely make this a monthly series. The story is a fun take on the superhero and modern morality, with a healthy handful of pills thrown in for good measure. Plus, Toby Cypress’s art is so f*cking great it that I can't even describe it without swearing.

I honestly don’t know what I like more: the pencils or the coloring. If you have a chance to grab this book, don’t hesitate. The Schizophrenic is like reading a Golden Age comic written by Frank Zappa. You know you want it; now go get it.

3. Jesse DeStasio

Last but certainly not least, Jesse DeStasio's custom toys were probably my favorite find of the fest. Though he's also a comic book creator, I was too busy freaking out over his custom toys to check out the books. My bad, I know, but DeStasio's hand-painted collector's items are so cool that I owe it to them to bust out my old Ewok village, just so they have a proper home. Tin Cop and King Rex (the two figures I purchased) look like they come from the greatest science fiction epic that never was. I highly recommend you head over to his website and check out the full catalog. I can hear my wallet crying out in fear, but I don't care. Fiscal responsibility be damned, I'm buying more. If you're into cool plastic creations, it doesn't get much better than Jesse DeStasio.

Late Breaking Addition: Jesse DeStasio’s toys are customs of Glyos series toys created by Matt at http://www.onelldesign.com and Jesse at http://www.callgrim.com. If you like Jesse's work you will probably also like the toys they were before they were customized. Either way, I can understand your love for Jesse's customs, as a fan myself and a huge Glyos addict, Jesse was one of the main reasons I went to MOCCA.

-- Addition provided by eatyourchildren at eatyourchildren.net

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE Toby Cypress' work, I need a copy of that Schizophrenic book.

    Also, I found this awesome stop motion movie on Jesse DeStasio's site and everyone should watch it. http://jessedestasio.com/artwork/1238025_CONFLICT.html