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Monday, April 19, 2010

MoCCA Monday!

Write Club was at this most recent MoCCA Fest--a local comics convention that features emerging creators as they present their newest mini-comics, web comics, graphic novels, animation projects, original artwork, and more--held in the 69th Regiment Armory.

We were fortunate enough to talk to some of the brightest and talented up and comers in comics. First up is Write Club Favorite Nathan Schreiber, Act-I-Vate member and creator of the Xeric Award winning/Eisner Nominated “Power Out.”

Listen as Nathan talks about his book, and his tablemates at the Ray is Dead table.

Also, read our review of "Power Out!"

Next up is the indefatigable Emily Wernet, webcomicker and creator of “Moonlighting.”

Listen to Emily Break it down about her convention experience!

Now we talk with Ray is Dead member Katie Rose. Katie's comics are awesome, and she's from Lawng Island!

Moving on from the Ray is Dead table we spoke with the indestructible Matt Loux, creator of “Salt Water Taffy,” published by Oni Press.

And last up is Write Clubber Lauren Barnett, who provided the awesome banner image for us during last month's Girl's Club event, and is the brilliant creator of Me Likes You comics.


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