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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sub*Text Saturdays

This week's goods...

Rings by Stu Horvath


Space Monkey from Leo Burnett on Vimeo.


You should be aware of Audie Murphy.


The Amazing Joy Buzzards are a rock and roll adventure band that rivals such legends as the Beatles and Rolling Stones. It's an everyday adventure for them when fighting giant robots, evil witch-doctors, and exploring the supernatural, all with the help of their mystical Mexican wrestler friend El Campeon.

I picked this up from a poor Pratt student sitting on the sidewalk selling manga. This is a series I always wanted to read, and when I flipped it open to a page of the bassist slicing vampire robots while leaping from his race car, I was sold. It's fun, it's got action, it feel fresh for an old scenario (investigative band), and lots of humor that's actually really funny. Like laugh out loud. The artwork by Dan Hipp is phenomenal and the lettering and layouts are very interactive and what could be too messy or chaotic turns into a really fun and unique comic reading experience. Supposedly vol. 2 will be coming out this year, but it has been heavily delayed. In the meantime, read Mr. Hipp's GYAKUSHU! online for free.

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