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Monday, June 28, 2010

Superman #700

Whereas Batman #700 was one story by one writer that took place across three different time periods, Superman #700 was three stories by three writers from three different time periods, and the disconnection was pretty clear throughout. The first story served to wrap up Robinson's run on the title, and the story was mostly a heartfelt welcome home for Supes. There were several pages of Lois and Kal enjoying pillow talk and taking a fly around Metropolis, and on the whole, it didn't feel like any sort of milestone, and that's probably because Robinson is leaving, and not continuing on. The second story was "a story out of Superman's past" but was really "a story out of Robin's past," since the narrative point of view was that of the Boy Wonder. Bruce Wayne took a night off for some Wayne Enterprises event, and Robin had explicit instructions to do his Geometry homework. When some gun runners pop up on radar, Robin tries to stop them, but after he's captured, Superman saves the day. I was left thinking this story was very out of place, and that it was filler so they could jack the price up to $4.99. I would rather have had a poster gallery.

And then there's the J. Michael Straczynski prologue that sets up his run on the title, in which Superman is going to be like Kain from Kung-Fu and walk across America. Lots o' writers complain about writing for Superman, because it's tough to do something original with the character. I think JMS has a really cool idea that should yield some interesting plot lines. The story stems from Superman being out of touch with the world since having left for all of his New Krypton stuff. I'm really excited to see where this story goes, but since this was all setup, I feel like the whole issue was pretty unnecessary. All of the JMS stuff can be summed up on the title page of the next issue, and I didn't need the other two stories. So, while I was bored here, I will be back for the next one.

I really hope Superman walks through my hometown.

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