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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tighty-Spidey Tuesdays

Continuing from a previous post...

It's really strange, I know, but seeing Peter Parker in those little white briefs brings me back to when I was a kid reading Spider-Man. I loved Spidey in the 80's, I was right there for Kraven's Last Hunt, and the Mad Dog Ward. I saw the rise and fall of the Hobgoblin, caught the tail end of the symbiote arc, and punched out right before Venom made the scene.

I was all-in as Spidey had fun adventures, frightening and weird adventures, and heartbreaking ones as well, but nothing brings that nostalgic feeling back more than seeing Peter Parker in his underwear! Maybe it's that, despite the fact that Pete can lift a bus over his head, move so fast he can't be hit, is super-smart and can crawl on walls, he's still a dude like me and you. He's still got to put on his underwear in the morning.

There comes a time in every man's life when he's got to choose whether he's a boxers or briefs guy, and it seems to me that Spider-Man has made his choice.

And so, it is here that I begin Write Club's newest feature, Tighty-Spidey Tuesdays! A series dedicated to exploring a certain superhero and his choice of underwear.

And yes...I am fully aware of how creepy this is.


  1. It seems to me that Peter's choice of briefs over boxers has both a practical and symbolic purpose. Practically, boxers would bunch up and leave unsightly bumps in the skin-tight Spidey suit. Symbolically, tighty whiteys serve to reinforce Peter's youth - he's basically just a kid taking on a huge responsibility. Seeing him in briefs really reminds you how young and vulnerable he really is, despite all those powers. Which is why we love Spiderman.

    Am I overthinking this? Did I just want an intellectual excuse to think about Peter Parker in his underwear for 15 minutes? I think we all know the answer.

  2. My thoughts exactly. I'll be exploring Pete's choice and how it reflects his youthfulness in the next episode!

  3. What does Spider-Man wear in 2099? I bet the future has some crazy undies that feel like a second skin. Oh, I just described tighty-whiteys.

  4. You wanna know why spidey wears briefs and not boxers?

    Cause New York City is hotter than a Black-Cat/Mary Jane pillowfight.

  5. Peter wears both! In the scene when Aunt May finds out that Peter is Spider Man, he is in boxers.

  6. I remember those moments from the 80's too! I think that's why I stuck with tighty whiteys through the "Boxer Rebellion" of the 90's-I had Peter as an example! Another thing I noticed though-we started seeing Peter in colored briefs after he married Mary Jane! Guess MJ doesn't mind her man being a briefs guy...but still likes a little color in her life! "Got these for ya, Tiger...rrow." The same thing happened to me when I met my "Mary Jane!"