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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Write Club! "Digital Dilemma" V. 3, Ep. 2

Tim and Rick Lacy settle down to have a nice chat about Digital Comics, prompted by DC Comics boldly throwing their cowl into the new-media millennia. Tim & Rick are soon joined by the original digital barbarian himself, Phil Gelatt, and then things get interesting.

Digital comics, Independent film, Marvel Short movies, D&D with pornstars, and playing games in the world of H.P. Lovecraft. Nothing's off the table for Write Club!

Intro: "Chin Music" Future of the Left
Outro: "Write Club Theme" Scott St. Pierre


  1. So I might actually buy that new Wonder Woman comic on my ipad, provided it's available. The ipad-comics exploration continues!

  2. I'm really intrigued to see if JMS can get Wonder Woman to work. This whole "Wonder Woman is the most famous character that nobody really reads or cares about" thing fascinates me.

  3. JMS might be my new fav writer working over at those two companies. Mostly because he because trounced Matt Fraction's Thor story with ease.

    Wonder Woman should become a drifter fight-girl. Tossed out on her behind from superhero halls because of her inadequate potential.

  4. Wonder Woman should be a compassionate invader. Sent to conquer man's world...with love.

    Maybe we should do a full Wonder Woman show. I'd love that!

    She's easily the most famous female superhero.

  5. Related: Back in 2007 Dean Trippe's Ten Cent Ticker did a Wonder Woman redesign contest:


  6. This just in! I don't see this Wonder Woman issue anywhere on DC comics ipad store. Maybe it'll show up later? or tomorrow? How does this work?

  7. I don't think they're doing the whole "day and date" thing for every title for a while. You might have to wait a bit. Or just catch up on Justice League: Lost Generation while you wait.

  8. Got the digi-issue on my ipad... I'll get to readin' it soon!