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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Game Club: Little Big Marvel!

Little Big Planet, one of the best games on Playstation 3, is getting even better: Marvel character kits are coming next week, and I'm going to go out on a limb and say this pack will be much cooler than the Pirates of the Caribbean pack from a while back. I mean, look at the Adorable Iron Man!

If that weren't enough, here's The Thing:

And there's gonna be a level pack in which you fight Magneto! As soon as the level pack is released, I'll be cooking up my own Marvel level, and seeing what I can do to submit it to Youtube.

The complete roster:
•Captain America •Daredevil •Doctor Octopus •Elektra •Ghost Rider •Green Goblin •Hulk •Invisible Woman •Iron Man •The Human Torch •Magneto •Mystique •the Punisher •Roque •Spider-Man •Storm •The Thing •Thor •Venom •Wolverine


  1. Yeah, and it looks like they're going to stagger the content over several weeks, but I'm hoping the level kit is out next week, so I can create a four-player Fantastic Four stage. But I see that Mr. Fantastic isn't listed, so who should lead the team?

  2. Magneto, obviously!

    Or Thor, but that's boring. Although I guess it's really up to the Invisible Woman to choose.