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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

AVENGERS: a cartoon history

Okay, so the new Avengers cartoon was released out to the masses today, and after seeing the teaser on the Jeph Loeb video a few weeks ago, I was really looking forward to this. Finally, an Avengers cartoon with a slick look, with the main lineup (Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Giant-Man, Wasp, Hulk) and one of the main launching projects of the newly Disney acquired Marvel. Then I saw this...

UGH! It looks terrible. The animation is third rate at best, and is barely a step above the previous cartoon attempts the
Ultimate Avengers animated movies, which took the amazing grittiness of Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch's comic Ultimate Avengers and just made it as blah and generic as possible and produced this spectacular piece of crap.

The sequel with Black Panther was just more of the same, so I won't even bother posting that video here. I mean, what is wrong with Marvel? Can't they take a good long look at DC/Warner Brothers' animation projects (Batman, Superman, Justice League, Batman Beyond, Legion of Superheroes, and now their string of animated features) and see that quality animation is always going to win out over rushed, hacked out, sub-par garbage?

When watching the new Avengers cartoon trailer above, I could only really think of the first attempt to put the animated Avengers on the small screen...

Marvel has gotten some animation right but I'll save that for another post, because I have just as much praise to heap upon those works as I have bile and resentment for these.

C'mon Marvel, Disney's got your back, give us the good stuff.



  1. I appreciate your efforts and your writing AND I’ve passed along an award to you! Click the link to few your awesomeness. Thanks from ZforZombies.com.


  2. Absolutely sub-par animation. But I guess seeing as how it's a kids show, classy animation doesn't matter. I suppose Marvel is fine with DC pumping out some great animated features while they dominate the live-action market.

    I hope things start shifting, but the Avengers are pretty lame anyway.

  3. I used to hate the Avengers, but I am starting get into them for sure. I don't see the appeal of Captain America, and I hate rich ass Iron Man, but Thor will always be my boy.

    I'm putting up the good Marvel animation this weekend.

  4. I agree on the Animated Avengers and the critique of Marvel, Disney. What they produced was an oldskool saurday morning special. It belongs with Spiderman and his amazing friends. Definitely targeted for a younger audience. The difference is in the 80's we were the kids watching, as we've grown the maturity level has grown in these story lines.Now the avg age of comic consumers is somewhere between 30 and 50. This series doesn't appear seaworthy. btw! the only marvel animated movie I liked was Dr. Strange. When it comes to teams marvel's wildcard is mutants!! "NUFF' SAID" bw