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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nick Cave penning 'The Crow' reboot: Is this a good idea?

According to the Wrap, the ultimate Bad Seed is working over "Blade" director Stephen Norrington's screenplay, which itself was a new take on the comic book.

the Proposition was stylistically (and generally speaking story-wise) pretty epic, but it was also boring as hell (Sorry, I'm not a western guy for some odd reason). But I love me some Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. I used to sit in the dark in my bedroom, fantasizing about my funeral as 'Lay Me Low' played, and I cut school in my senior year to see the first showing of the Crow with my friends, which left us weeping at not only the loss of Brandon Lee but also the epically sad ending song that is Jane Siberry's 'It Can't Rain All The Time'.

Also, Stephen Norrington I feel had a fluke on his hands with the first Blade movie (see League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, though can the direction be blamed or was it a horrid script?) so I don't know if even Nick Cave could salvage a Crow reboot. But why the hell not let one of the darkest sonuvabitch's take a stab at writing it. Hell, I say we let him direct it too. And maybe even star in it. I'd see that movie for sure.

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